Remote Long Bullet (Pink)


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    Longer then the average bullet, this extended piece of pleasure was designed to pleasure more of your lovely bits at the same time. Its simple control systems make it that much easier to orgams, with little thought going into having to use this toy. Its added length can be used for interal use also. It can be used to stimulate the perinium, and pulsate along the head of the penis making it super stimulating for couples.

    Our vibrating bullet is an all-time classic! Stimulate yourself or your partner with this awesome adult toy.  Simple to use and hours of fun.  Designed specifically to maximize foreplay and orgasms, ideal for solo use or couples in an absolutely enjoyable size for high-class demands!

    Honey Toys are a collection of vibrating sex toys for beginners, and first timers. They?re simple sex toys that won?t blow the budget and they suit couples or people just starting to explore the world of sex toys. With a collection of male and female sex toys, as well as a bunch of toys which can be used by either ? they?re a great starter to anyone interested in the world of adult toys

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